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Congratulations, Coach Tarik!! A new LA/US Lacrosse HOFer!

Tarik will be inducted into the Greater LA Chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, on April 11, 2016

The following was taken from the Greater LA Chapter of US Lacrosse website:

Welcome to the Hall of Fame for the US Lacrosse Chapters of Greater Los Angeles and Orange County. The introduction of men’s lacrosse in Southern California is generally traced back to the founding of the California Lacrosse Association in 1959. The first women’s program was CSU-Long Beach in 1977. Since that time the sport has expanded to the youth, high school, college, club and professional levels. Members of the Southern California Lacrosse Hall of Fame include the pioneers who brought the game west, those that followed taking the sport to new levels and other individuals who passed on the great traditions of the game. Many are active to this day as coaches, officials and administrators.

All of these Hall of Fame members share common traits:

  • They were truly an outstanding player over several seasons,
  • or played a critical role in the organization, promotion, and/or officiating of lacrosse,
  • or had a major impact in lacrosse as a coach,
  • or have been a dominant figure in lacrosse by virtue of a combination of the above.
  • All are individuals of high moral standing who have been recognized for their sportsmanship on and off the field.